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Junk Journaling with Vintage Ephemera.

My favourite type of junk journals are made with vintage ephemera. I love the shabby aged look that vintage ephemera gives; the soft faded colours, beautiful calligraphy, and delicate illustrations.  Collecting vintage ephemera is part of the fun; antique stores, charity shops, flea markets, and collector's fairs are all good hunting grounds. These days genuine vintage ephemera can be expensive, unless you're lucky; old books with nice aged pages can be more budget friendly, and easier to find. Ebay is a good place to look, and you can get packs of mixed ephemera fairly cheap if you're prepared to search. Etsy is also a good place to look; I've bought some lovely European ephemera from shops on Etsy. I'll link my favourites if you want to check them out. 

When I've found some vintage ephemera I want to use in a journal,I'll scan it and print a copy, so I can get more use from it, this is especially important if the ephemera is quite old and delicate. Different effects can be obtained with the choice of paper you print on, which adds to the creative process of vintage journaling. 



Old business invoices, library tickets and cards, postage stamps, office stationery, postcards, labels, transport tickets, gift wrap, greeting cards, book pages, anything that's paper, and vintage! 


European ephemera is a favourite of many junk journalers; especially French ephemera. If you're lucky enough to visit French flea markets in person you could pick up some genuine vintage ephemera. If not, there are specialist shops on Etsy specifically selling French ephemera, I will list these in Resources. 


                          VINTAGE EPHEMERA RESOURCES.



Porte de Vanves Marche` aux Puces ( Salon du Livre et Vieux Papiers), Paris. 

French flea markets are a treasure trove of vintage ephemera, if you are lucky enough to visit! 


Bloomsbury Ephemera Fair, Holiday Inn, Coram Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT. 

Dates vary throughout the year, usually 4 fairs a year. 



Ebay. Goes without saying, if you take the time to browse carefully you can unearth some treasures.

Etsy. Some of my favourite shops for vintage ephemera include: Donkey Journals, for lovely European vintage ephemera, including postal ephemera ( delivery cards etc),

For vintage graph/grid paper, visit The Giddy Grid:

Vintage French loveliness: Madame Melisssande.


   Don't forget that digital downloads are a budget friendly way to add to your journaling supplies; you can usually print them out as many times as you like ( for your own personal use!) You can get interesting effects by printing on different papers, which adds to the creative process. I love vintage ephemera and take great care when designing my printables, to make them as authentic as possible for a genuine vintage feel to your journals. Enjoy experimenting with different ephemera and papers for that vintage effect!




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